Sujet Brevet


This sounds too easy. Add a line like this to your head element:

<link rel="next" href="page2.html">


<link rel="prefetch" href="big.jpg">

… and the browser fetches the content in the background as soon as the user’s computer is idle. If it sounds too easy, it’s probably because Firefox is currently the only browser to support this feature. But this has the potential to be a really useful feature.





La télé du cyber !

Les “Aigles du Mali” affrontent sur le terrain le Malawi (cette après-midi, en heure GMT). Et au cyber-café de Bamako où les “Toujours Pas Sages” ont planté leur case, voici les commentateurs fraichement…


This tip will work for modifying just about anything, not just color. Try eliminating line 85 if you’re as unenthused as I am about justified text.


Things startups do need

Sunny office

Windows that open

Democratically controlled music system

Two forms of internet access

Beer on fridays

EVDO cards

Video game system

Good coffee maker

Proximity to public transportation

Proximity to park

Heating that goes all night

I’m announcing my new start-up Jumo today. It’s an online platform to connect individuals and organizations working to change the world.

To do this well, I’m firmly of the mind that we have to foster relationships between everyday people and issues and organizations that are personally…